Brand Story

Diamondiiz was established in 2012. As one of the leading online stores for affordable luxury gold and silver fine jewelry, Diamondiiz definitely represents a milestone in my career life. More importantly, the vision and mission of Diamondiiz got inspired by my mother.

Ten years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer. During receiving medical treatment, she was also in pain affecting all parts of her normal day-to-day activities. She even had trouble in sleeping and eating. It was easy to get her frustrated and sad. To relieve her pain, my family members actively sought the emotional support she needed.

One day, my elder sister remembered my mother was interested in searching exquisite worldwide diamond jewelry design. So she took the greatest courage to learn how to make a perfect custom made diamond ring for this important family member. From concept to completion, my elder sister spent nearly two months. All the small side diamonds were hand selected to match the center entirely. The name of this finished ring was “I love you from my heart". The heart charm showed how much we love our mother.

"Wow! It's so beautiful!" When my mother saw the first custom made masterpiece handcrafted, hand cut and hand polished by my elder sister, she was deeply moved, brought her to tears, and stayed more positive afterwards. After one-year medical treatment and emotional support from my family, a miracle happened. The doctor told us that my mother recovered from cancer. My family was getting excited about this good news.

To honor the memory of my mother who raised my family and put a smile on her face, my elder sister continues to custom make a diamond ring for her each year. Right now, my mother received more than ten unique diamond rings custom designed and handmade by my elder sister. My mother loves to receive a meaningful gift that she can wear and treasure throughout the year. These custom made diamond rings warm my mom's heart whenever she sees them.

I hereby to express my gratitude to my mother for all that she has taught me to be. Meanwhile, I want every of you will be encouraged by this true story and recall the importance of caring for loved ones. As a responsible corporate citizen, the vision of Diamondiiz is to create a better world be filled with love and joy. Our mission is to provide high quality of products and services. Care, quality and promise are our core brand values.

You may notice LOVE has a symbol. Giving is as sweet as receiving. Your loved ones deserve the most glamorous gifts you can find. Hence, all of our jewelry are handmade with love and craftsmanship. We also offer exquisite affordable custom made jewelry collections include engagement rings, wedding bands, family rings in modern or vintage design, or personalized pieces for life's special occasions and meaningful gifts which put a personal touch on it and hold great sentimental value. We are dedicated to igniting more greatest love stories.

To adhere the vision of Diamondiiz, we also care for the community by making a regular donation to support charity programs like Look Good Feel Better program.

Look Good Feel Better ( is a non-medical, brand-neutral public service program that teaches beauty techniques to women with cancer to help restore hope, confidence, and sense of self. They have served nearly one million cancer patients in the United States since 1989.

Each time you purchase a product from Diamondiiz, a portion of the proceeds goes straight into the above-mentioned program that improve the self esteem and quality of life for women undergoing cancer treatment. Diamondiiz promises to donate 3% of proceeds from monthly sales through 2018.

Let's make a real-life difference for women with cancer and light up the world.

Jennifer, Founder of Diamondiiz


Ring Size Chart
US Ring Size Circumference(mm) UK & Australia Europe Asia CN/HK
4 46.7 H1/2 46.5 7
4.5 47.6 I1/2 48 8
5 49.3 J1/2 49 9
5.5 50.6 K1/2 50.5 10
6 51.9 L1/2 52 11
6.5 53.1 M1/2 53 13
7 54.4 N1/2 54 14
7.5 55.7 O1/2 55.5 15
8 57 P1/2 57 16
8.5 58.3 Q1/2 58 17
9 59.5 R1/2 59.5 18
9.5 60.8 S1/2 61 19
10 62.1 T1/2 62 20
10.5 63.4 U1/2 63 22
11 64.6 V1/2 64.5 23
11.5 65.9 W1/2 66 24
12 67.2 X1/2 67 25
12.5 68.5 Z 68 27
13 70.1 Z+1 69 28