November 28, 2017

To many people, custom jewelry sounds far too exotic or expensive. Fortunately, there are wonderful companies that sell high-quality products for less. With the introduction of the Internet, we found ourselves face-to-face of the whole side of the industry that we didn’t know existed. These are impressive and professional jewelry experts who sell their wares online. One thing that this has opened many of us up to is the possibility of customizing our favorite pieces. You can now get the love of your life the type of ring that you know they deserve. These companies have an incredible amount of experience, and can figure out exactly what it is you’re looking for from a series of simple sketches and interviews. Imagine only having the option to get exactly what you want the first time. There are even ways to cut costs.

Most of us have some idea of the incredibly high cost of naturally mine diamonds. These can run anywhere from five to $10,000 for the type of engagement ring that most of us want. This means saving for years, or taking out a hefty loan in order to finally get that ring. One way to get a product that’s just as good but at a fraction of the price is to go with manufactured diamonds. These are created in a lab through a process that makes them just as high quality natural diamonds without the higher cost. Many times, these companies will also have a variety of different precious metals to put the stones in.

With sites like this you can finally have the handmade jewelry engagement rings you’ve always wanted. It may take a bit longer for your ring to be made if it’s being custom-designed. It’s important to understand the jeweler’s process and to be patient. After you’ve explain the design, they will take the time to create a very specific diagram. This diagram will allow you to give your final approval to the customized ring. Then, the jeweler will need enough time to create the ring, and to set the stones.

Having something like this made ensures that it’s a one-of-a-kind creation. This can become a family heirloom, and will mean much more than something you buy out of a generic jewelry rack. These are just a few things to consider when choosing your custom-made ring:


It’s very important to remember that having a custom ring made takes quite a bit of time. Going through the design process, the selection of stones, the selection of metals, and then the final creation can take weeks or months. This is generally a sign of a high-quality product, and is something you need to take into consideration. If you plan on proposing, come up with a design and commission the ring early on. Give yourself plenty of time to make any changes necessary before the big day.

Test Settings and Widths

With the use of the Internet there are several different ways to see how different settings and widths will work on your love’s finger. If you already know her ring size, it simplifies things quite a bit. But, many people fail to consider the width of the band on her finger. You can go to a jewelry store or use an online program to see how different widths and diamond settings sit on a hand of a similar shape and size to your intended. You can see if the band will be too wide or too narrow, and whether or not the setting will be prone to catching on different things. This can help to make an informed choice.


Ring Size Chart
US Ring Size Circumference(mm) UK & Australia Europe Asia CN/HK
4 46.7 H1/2 46.5 7
4.5 47.6 I1/2 48 8
5 49.3 J1/2 49 9
5.5 50.6 K1/2 50.5 10
6 51.9 L1/2 52 11
6.5 53.1 M1/2 53 13
7 54.4 N1/2 54 14
7.5 55.7 O1/2 55.5 15
8 57 P1/2 57 16
8.5 58.3 Q1/2 58 17
9 59.5 R1/2 59.5 18
9.5 60.8 S1/2 61 19
10 62.1 T1/2 62 20
10.5 63.4 U1/2 63 22
11 64.6 V1/2 64.5 23
11.5 65.9 W1/2 66 24
12 67.2 X1/2 67 25
12.5 68.5 Z 68 27
13 70.1 Z+1 69 28