January 31, 2022

Remember the phrase, ‘silver spoon,’ well it only signifies that silver has been associated with wealth and royalty since a long time. The sterling silver, which is an alloy consisting of 92.5% silver and other metal alloys, not only epitomizes luxury but also adds a touch of elegance, and grace in silver jewelries. It has a remarkable sparkle and gleam that is second to no precious metals. Today, jewelries made from silver, be it earrings, bangles or bracelets, are very popular among people of all age groups. As a matter of fact many people prefer buying silver jewelries over gold to make their own style statement and even for gifting purposes. If you are looking to buy a gift for your baby girl, you can consider buying a silver jewelry piece since it has many benefits.

Silver offers great durability

Silver jewelry, if taken care properly can last a lifetime. A high quality sterling bracelet or a pair of earring can look exactly the same as now even after 30-40 years. You can invest in a silver jewelry now and use it as an asset that your children can inherit in the future. Whilst the sterling silver are a bit expensive than the usual silver jewelry, the additional cost are worth paying more considering their quality and the value they offer. However, to ensure that you get the best quality sterling silver baby bangle bracelet for your baby girl, it is best advised to buy it from a reputed and established jewelry company.

Inexpensive as compared to gold

Even if you are not looking for a gift item that is long lasting, a silver jewelry piece would still be a great option as it is inexpensive as compared to gold and platinum. If you have budget constraints, sterling silver bracelet is a great way to showcase your love to the baby. With the rising prices of gold, silver jewelry is a sensible choice.

The options are endless

Since silver is relatively cheaper, the jewelry designers constantly experiment with new designs and create trendy pieces. This implies that you have a huge range of options of choose from, be it a pair of earrings, rings, pendants, bangles, or bracelets, the options are literally endless. You can surely find the perfect piece that suits your personal taste and sense of style.

Incredibly versatile

One of the best things about silver jewelries is that they are incredibly versatile, meaning you can pair it with any type of outfits and they are just perfect for all occasions. You can dress up your baby girl any way you want, either a casual pair or denims and t-shirt, a frock or even a jumper suit and pair it with a bangle bracelet to complete her stylish looks.

Feel like a royalty

In olden days, the monarchs, the queens and the people with blue blood wore sterling silver, it was considered to royal then and it is still considered a royal thing even today. Buy a sterling silver baby bangle bracelet for your beloved daughter and let her feel like the royal queen.

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Ring Size Chart
US Ring Size Circumference(mm) UK & Australia Europe Asia CN/HK
4 46.7 H1/2 46.5 7
4.5 47.6 I1/2 48 8
5 49.3 J1/2 49 9
5.5 50.6 K1/2 50.5 10
6 51.9 L1/2 52 11
6.5 53.1 M1/2 53 13
7 54.4 N1/2 54 14
7.5 55.7 O1/2 55.5 15
8 57 P1/2 57 16
8.5 58.3 Q1/2 58 17
9 59.5 R1/2 59.5 18
9.5 60.8 S1/2 61 19
10 62.1 T1/2 62 20
10.5 63.4 U1/2 63 22
11 64.6 V1/2 64.5 23
11.5 65.9 W1/2 66 24
12 67.2 X1/2 67 25
12.5 68.5 Z 68 27
13 70.1 Z+1 69 28