January 02, 2022


A beautiful ring can confirm the true feelings of your heart and express many emotions which you cannot say in words. Especially when you are proposing, it is essential to give a ring which is worth a lot.  If your budget is not too much, you can look for sterling silver engagement rings cheap of cost yet worth buying.

You can be sure of witnessing a sparkle in her eyes as your give away this beautiful ring. It would connect your relationship to eternities. Your soul mate would be thrilled to have received such a surprise from you. Here are few tips which you need to check before you buy an engagement ring.

Everyone Is Unique: You should always remember that everyone is different and would have a different taste. So first you should put some effort to know your partner’s likes and dislikes. You need to understand her taste before you purchase the ring for her.

It might upset her if you present her something which is not of her choice. It is wise to spend some quality time with her to observe her likes and dislikes. It is important to recognize that she is unique and deserves something extraordinary. Be mindful of what you want to give her to take your relationship to the next level.

Look for Quality: Always keep in mind that you should pick a ring that is they make of good quality.  You need to check the hallmark on the ring as it will tell you the purity of the metal. Just because the store looks beautiful to look at, it does not mean they are selling high-quality items. You should do your research before planning to purchase the ring from the store.

You need to check the store’s reputation online to see if they have a good name. Too many complaints and a bad rating is a symbol that they are not upto the mark. On the contrast, a good store will have so many reviews and recommendations that are good.

Seek Help From Others: You might not have a great experience in shopping jewelry or ornaments. In such case, you can take help of your family members or friends. You can do proper research and find a shop that would sell quality products with low margin. You can have them assist you in choosing the right ring.

Plan Your Budget: You should have clarity on how much money you want to spend on the engagement ring before your purchase it. You can look for sterling silver engagement rings cheap if you have a less budget. There is a wide range of models and designs in engagement rings that are not just affordable but are appealing.

You should check through online stores to see if you can find a band that you like. A perfect engagement ring which would bind your relationship forever might be just a click away. So do a proper search to find what you are looking to present to your partner.


Ring Size Chart
US Ring Size Circumference(mm) UK & Australia Europe Asia CN/HK
4 46.7 H1/2 46.5 7
4.5 47.6 I1/2 48 8
5 49.3 J1/2 49 9
5.5 50.6 K1/2 50.5 10
6 51.9 L1/2 52 11
6.5 53.1 M1/2 53 13
7 54.4 N1/2 54 14
7.5 55.7 O1/2 55.5 15
8 57 P1/2 57 16
8.5 58.3 Q1/2 58 17
9 59.5 R1/2 59.5 18
9.5 60.8 S1/2 61 19
10 62.1 T1/2 62 20
10.5 63.4 U1/2 63 22
11 64.6 V1/2 64.5 23
11.5 65.9 W1/2 66 24
12 67.2 X1/2 67 25
12.5 68.5 Z 68 27
13 70.1 Z+1 69 28